Announcement and Call for papers


6th International Conference on Artificial Intelligent Systems

technical co-sponsorship

Russia, Black Sea Coast, Divnomorskoye,

September 3-10, 2006.

Conference held by

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian F

  Russian Academy of Sciences

  Russian Natural Sciences Academy

  Taganrog State University of Radio Engineering (TSURE)

  Municipality of Taganrog

  Russian Association of Artificial Intelligence (RAAI)

  South Corporative University

  ase, als-technologies, CAD, CAM, CAE;


  Intelligent CAD systems;

  Intelligent systems in education;

  Artificial life;

  Cognitive modeling;

  Quantum algorithms on graphs and hypergraphs;

  Multi-agent systems and distributed intelligence;

  Soft computing and fuzzy models;

  Prospective informational technologies;

  Decision making support;

  Synergetic intelligence;

  Evolutionary modeling and genetic algorithms;

  Expert systems.

Conference work Languages: Russian and English.

Sponsored by

Conference fees

Registration fee is 250 USD. Registration includes: acsess to the sessions, one copy of the printed Proceedings, Organization Committee reception, coffee during breaks, Banquet. Method of Payment: by bank transfer. Invoice will be sent in case of paper acceptance.

Accommodation fee is from 20 to 40 USD per day.

Important deadlines

Deadline for paper submission

April 1, 2006

Notification of acceptance

May 15, 2006

Final Manuscripts

June 15, 2006

Participants arrival

September 2, 2006

Conference Date

September 3, 2006

Conference work languages are Russian and English

Conference Secretariat address:

Address: AIS'06 , Prof. V.V. Kureichik, TSURE. 44, Nekrasovskiy str., Taganrog 347928, Russian Federation.

Phone: +7 8634 39-32-60, +7 8634 31-14-87, +7 8634 38-34-51.
Fax: +7 8634 31-14-87

Organization CommitteeOrganization Committee:

Chairperson: Zakharevich V.G. (Russia, Taganrog), Vice-Chair: Kureichik V.V. (Russia, Taganrog)

Organization Committee members:

Gladkov L.A. (Russia, Taganrog), Dedulin K.A. (Russia, Taganrog), Drannikov V.N. (Russia, Taganrog), Isaev K. (Russia, Intel), Ivanov A. (Russia, Moscow), Kovalyov S.M. (Russia, Rostov-on-Don), Lankin V.E. (Russia, Taganrog), Lebediev O.B. (Russia, Taganrog), Litvinenko V.A. (Russia, Taganrog), Maskova V. (Russia, Moscow), Michailov G.A. (Russia, Taganrog), Neiman D. (Russia, Moscow), Nuzhnov E.V. (Russia, Taganrog), Orlov N.N. (Russia, Taganrog), Picarenko V.I. (Russia, Taganrog), Ryjov A.P. (Russia, Cadence), Tatarova A.V. (Russia, Taganrog)

Programme Committee:

Chairperson: Kureichik V.M.(Russia, Taganrog), Vice-Chair: Vagin V.N. (Russia, Moscow) Eremeev A.P. (Russia, Moscow)

Programme Committee Members:

E.K. Ajidarkin (Rostov-na-Donu, Russia), Spencer Clark (San Jose, CA), Y.R. Valkman (Kiev, Ukraine), Y.M Vishnjakov (Taganrog, Russia), Y.A. Gatchin (Saint-Petersburg, Russia), V.V. Golenkov (Minsk, Belorussia), B.E. Dmitriev-Zdorov (USA), R. Dupas, (Bethune, France), Juichi Kosakaya, (Ibaraki-ken, Japan), D. Jolly(Bethune, France)? A. Kuehlmann (Berkeley, CA), O.P. Kuznetsov (Moscow, Russia), B.K. Lebediev (Taganrog, Russia), G.S. Osipov (Moscow, Russia), B.V. Paliukh (Tver, Russia), N.A. Semenov (Tver, Russia), A.V. Smirnov (Saint-Petersburg, Russia), P.I. Sosnin (Uljanovsk, Russia), V.L. Stefanyuk (Moscow, Russia), A.L Stempkovskiy (Moscow, Russia), V.B. Tarasov (Moscow, Russia), V. Taratoukhine (Cranfield, UK), H. Khashaev (Moscow, Russia), I.B Fominih (Russia), B.E. Fedunov (Moscow, Russia), A.N. Shabelnikov (Rostov-on-Don, Russia), V.Z. Zhuravlev (Moscow, Russia), V.B. Yarnikh (Moscow, Russia).

Jointly with the

International Conference AIS'06

21th International Conference on Intelligent CAD Systems


An IEEE sponsored international conference on Artificial Intelligence Systems and

Joint international conference on Intelligent CAD Systems

Conference fees and important dates

Conference topics include:

for the CAD06Conference are the same as for the AIS06 Conference.

Software exhibition for the intelligent systems software
will be held at the Conference.

Applications to the Exhibition should be submitted to the Secretariat.

  • Genetic algorithms, evolutionary modeling
  • Automatization design
  • Bionics
  • Artificial intelligence and fuzzy systems
  • Prospective informational technologies
  • Problems in education
  • Neuro-, quantum- and molecular-computers
  • International cooperation

Conference work languages: Russian and English.

AIS06 and CAD06 Proceedings

will be published

till the AIS06 Conference Opening

Papers submission to the AIS06 and CAD'06 Conferences


Papers should be submitted only as Microsoft Word files, file name should be the author's last name.

Files should be sent to Conference Organization Committee by surface mail as 3,5, 1.44 Mb floppy disk or by e-mail as attached files.
Paper format

To categories of reports are admitted:

A the plenary reports (10 pages 5); B the bench reports (2 pages 5).

Please, follow the format requirements:

1         page format 5, font Times New Roman-10, single space, 67 signs per line.

2         All drawings and diagrams should be grouped.

3         For complex drawings printed version is desirable.

The first page should contain the following information:

         first line: UDC, Conference title, section, report title;

         second line: authors' first, second and last names, academic degree and rank;

         third line: organization, author's address, phone, fax, e-mail.

AIS'05 Conference Proceedings will be published in Russian an English. The correspondence participation in the Conference is involves only paper publishing.

Papers will be published in the Proceedings only if the author pay registration fee till July 1, 2006

(one fee per one paper).

Applications should be submitted to

Full papers should be sent to,

Further Information can be obtained from:

For any questions before or after the conference, please contact: Dr. Vassiliy Litvinenko,