Adviser, Professor, International Institute of Applied Technologies, Brussels, Belgium

Fields of Specialization:

Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science, Mathematical Theory of Cultural Systems, Cognitive Economics, Reasoning and Soft Computing, Data and Knowledge Based Systems, Decision Making Support Systems, WWW technologies

Education and Degrees:

- 1969-1975   Moscow Physical-Technical Institute

- 1975              graduated with honor from the Moscow Physical-Technical Institute (diploma with excellence in Automatic Control Systems)

- 1975-1978   Post-graduate Study, Moscow Physical-Technical Institute

- 1978 PhD in Physics and Mathematics with thesis on Automatic Logic Inference, Diagnostics and Planning

Positions held:

- 1979-1985   senior scientific researcher at the Institute of Psychology, at the Physical-Technical Institute and at the Aviation Institute in Moscow, USSR

- 1985-1992   senior scientific researcher at the Russian Academy of Sciences, Computing Center, and leader of several State projects on new generation of computers  and new information technologies,  USSR

- 1991-1992   visiting professor in UK (Cambridge, Oxford, London and Glasgow)

- 1992-1993   visiting professor at the Main University of Vienna, Austria

- 1993-1995   professor at the Institute for Systems Analysis and Informatics, CNR, Rome, Italy

- from 1995-  adviser, professor, at the International Institute of Applied Technologies in  Brussels, Belgium 

Invited Speaker and Tutorials at about 30 International Conferences

Guest Lectures at more then 20  Institutes and Universities, including :

University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, University College of  London, Turing Institute, University of Manchester, Rome University, University of Turku, Technical and Main Universities of Vienna, etc.

Consultant (Expert, Evaluator) to International Organizations:

- European Parliament (Strasbourg, France) and Commission (Brussels, Belgium)

- United Nations Industrial Development Organization, Vienna, Austria

- International Drug Control Program, Vienna, Austria

- International Center for Protection and Restoration of Waters, Falmouth, USA

- International Laboratory on Artificial Intelligence, Bratislava, Slovakia

- International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), Vienna, Austria

Editor of several International Journals on Computers and Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Cultural Systems

Member of  Program Committees/ Chair/ Referee/ Reviewer for several International Conferences and Professional Bodies on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Data and Knowledge Based Systems, Data Mining, Automatic Design, Systems Research  and Cybernetics, Decision Making , Context Formalization, Fuzzy sets and WWW

Several Reviews distinguished by European Commission on Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining and Information Technologies

Technologies (and software) developed:

- Recursive System for Automatic Inference "SEARCH"

- Automatic Planning in Robotics "REPLAN" 

- Diagnostic and Planning in Fuzzy Environments "DICIM"

- CADCAM Contextual Technology

- Decision Making in Multi-Contextual Complex Environments "CONTEXT"

- Several algorithms and software systems in Russian State Fund of Algorithms and Programs,

- Contextual Technology: USA patent applied. 

Courses given in:

- Theoretical Bases of Programming Languages

- Decision Making: Theory and Application

- Artificial Intelligence

- Data and Knowledge Based Systems: Advanced Technologies

- Contextual Systems

Applications in more than 20 international projects:

in Medicine :

- Diagnostics of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), Children Hospital, University of  Turku, Finland - North Staffordshire Hospital Center, UK

- Diagnostics of Stroke Character (Academy of Medical Sciences, USSR)

- Diagnostics of Heart Diseases (Academy of Medical Sciences; Industrial Amalgamation ELAS)

in Strategic Planning :

- Strategic Planning & Decision Making in Transportation (Institute for Informatics and

  System  Analysis, CNR, FIAT, Rome, Italy)

- Project "Town of Harwich" (Massachusetts Centers of Excellence Cooperation,  Harwich)

 in Engineering :

- CADCAM System (Moscow Aviation Institute)

- Automatic Control (State Atomic Energy Project "TOKOMAK", USSR)

in Ecology :

- Project "Integrated Industrial Management and Planning" (UNIDO, Vienna, Austria)

- Project "Communication with natural systems" (The World Wildlife Fund & the

  Conservation Foundation; International Center of the Protection and Restoration of   Waters, Falmouth, USA)

in Training and Education :

- Pilot's training (Eurocontrol, Brussels)

- Medical Hypertext Encyclopedia (Academy of Medical Sciences, Russia)

in Planning in Robotics :

- Robot behavior planning (Moscow Physical-Technical Institute)

in High Performance Computers,  Neuronets and Multimedia :

- State Project "New Generation of Computers" (USSR Academy of Sciences)

- Neurosynthesis (Oxford University, UK)

- Visual Perception (I. Pavlov Physiological Institute, St. Petersburg, Cambridge  University)

- Architecture, Design and Communication Media (International Institute for Advanced Studies in Systems Research and Cybernetics, Windsor, Canada & Baden-Baden, Germany)

About 100 Scientific Publications

Some Recent Publications and Interests:

"Self-organizing Representations", Cybernetics and Systems: An International Journal, 36: 861-875, Taylor & Francis, 2005

"Systems of Communicating Contextual Systems", Plenary Lecture, International Conference on Informatics'05, Bratislava, 2005

"Universal Scales: Theory of Distinguishability", BISCSE'05, Berkeley, 2005

"Relativity of Mind: Nesting Perspective", CASYS'05, International Conference on Computing Anticipatory Systems, Liege, 2005

"Natural Logic and Cognitive Economics", International Conference on Cognitive Economics, Sofia, 2005

 "Notes on Cognitive Relativity, Rationality and Clarity", Cybernetics and Systems, Proceedings of the Sixteenth European Meeting on Cybernetics and systems Research, Vienna, 2004

"The Principles of Cognitive Relativity, Rationality and Clarity: Application to Cultural Theory", Cybernetics and Systems, vol. 35, 2-3, Taylor & Francis, 2004, pp 229-258

"Challenges of Cultural Theory: The Theory of Cognitive States" Cybernetics and Systems, Proceedings of the Sixteenth European Meeting on Cybernetics and systems Research, Vienna, 2002, 1, pp. 432-437

"Knowledge with and without representation" (in print, in English)

"Natural Logic" (in print, in English)

Some Prior Publications:

"Inference Search System in Dynamic Environments",  L.Kuzin  (ed), Information  Banks  for  Decision  Making,  Moscow, 1976, pp. 92-97, (in Russian).

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